Friendship Tea

The Friendship Tea program has existed for the last 22 years. JWSF angels still gather at the Hale Pulama Mau each first Sunday of the month to entertain care home residents. Members bring tea time refreshments and plan entertainment, crafts or games for the elderly.

The Welcome Angels make kodansus (miniature Japanese chest) and other gifts for each new incoming patient to Hale Pulama Mau. The welcome gift and visit from a JWSF member makes the patient’s entry to the home an easy transition.

The Birthday Angels make special token gifts and take gifts and birthday balloons to patients on their birthdays.

The Holiday Angels get together to make Christmas favors for the residents and plan merry entertainment and delectable food for the patients and entertainers.

Adopt a Mom is held around Mother’s Day. The specialty of the day is Japanese foods that residents do not get at the home and the bonding friendships that occur between the resident and a JWSF member.